North Queensland air compressor, car rotisserie, wacker packer & drainage pump hire


It's not always the big machines that make your job easier. At Bend N Hire, we carry a range of utility equipment to improve productivity and reduce down time on your worksite. These include portable generators, drainage pumps, plate compactors and more. We can drop any of these items off to your worksite in no time at all!

Our service area includes the Atherton Tablelands region and Cairns hinterlands. Phone today to discuss pricing and timeframe.
FG Wilson-65Kva Generator — Machinery hire in Tolga


Power when and where you need it. Sounds great, right? We stock a wide range of generators in different outputs—from 8kva to 145kva—so you only pay for exactly what you need. Our portable generators from world-renowned brands Honda and FG Wilson. They deliver quiet, stable power and include modern safety features such as circuit protectors and voltage regulators.

Feel free to give us a call for further technical specifications on our generators.
 Electric Generator — Machinery hire in Tolga

Wacker Packers

Get your site perfectly level with our compaction equipment. We have hand-operated, upright models, known as wacker packers or plate compactors, that are powerful and incredibly versatile. Their size makes them ideal for small worksites or rough terrain areas.

You can find out more about wacker packers here.
Piston Air Compressor — Machinery hire in Tolga

Compressors & Pumps

If you want optimal performance and versatility at affordable prices, you can rely on us to supply your air compressors and drainage pumps.

Manufactured by Atlas Copco, our portable dewatering pumps are exceptionally tough and deliver great power for every litre of fuel. They can be used for:
  • Mud drilling
  • Sludge removal
  • Sewage pumping
  • Quarry water pumping, cutting or dressing
  • Cleaning manholes
Our mobile air compressors can produce up to 180cfm, delivering superior efficiency in a compact design. Each model also features the incredibly durable HardHat canopy, unique to Atlas Copco compressors.

Car Rotisserie

Why struggle to get under a vehicle to work on it, when you can simply rotate it? At Bend N Hire, we have a heavy-duty car rotisserie which provides lift and full 360° rotation for automotive shells. This unique device is a huge benefit to automotive repairers and restorers—professional and enthusiastic amateur alike. The rotisserie comes fully assembled and ready to operate. It includes pre-set positions that can be locked into place as well as adjustable height levels.

To organise hire and delivery of a car rotisserie direct to you, just give us a call.